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About Hays
Hays, America is a university community of 20,000 people located half way between Kansas City and Denver on Interstate 70. We are the regional hub of Northwest Kansas for retail, education, medical service, entertainment, and recreation. Ellis County has the largest retail pull factor in the state. Our downtown is being revitalized with unique shops and entertainment and the north side of town is expanding with additional retail offerings. We have a very diversified mix of businesses in the area although agriculture and oil are still major parts of the regional economy. The Hays Regional Airport offers a commercial flight multiple times each day to Denver and, according to recent rankings by Progressive Farmer, E-Podunk, and BizJournal; Hays, America has a great quality of life. We happen to agree.
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Job Seekers Tips

Professional Email Address and Voicemail Message
When you begin your job search, make sure your email address and voicemail message are simple and professional, rather than off the wall, inappropriate or bizarre. By doing so, you can ensure they will not harm your chances of being contacted by an employer. Paying attention to these small details can greatly improve your prospects of being hired.
It seems basic, but too often a job seeker applies to a job with an email address like babyguuurrrl3948@xyz.com or klingonking@xyz.com. Definitely a turn-off for potential employers.
ame goes for your voicemail message. If an employer calls you up and hears the message, "Reynolds Pizza, what's your order? KIDDING! It's Brett, leave it after the beep," chances are they'll hang up without leaving a message. An employer will consider a voicemail message like this unprofessional.
Instead, follow these rules for professional email addresses and voicemail messages:
Email address
Create a new email address specifically for your job search. This is a good step regardless, so you don't mix up your personal and job search emails.
If possible, include your name in your email address like firstname.lastname@xyz.com so the employer can find email correspondence from you easily.
It’s acceptable to create an email address that corresponds to your industry or profession, such as SallySalesManager@xyz.com.
Avoid unnecessarily complicated email addresses, especially those with long strings of numbers. Mistakes could easily be made while entering your email address, making it difficult for potential employers to contact you.
Voicemail message
Include your name or phone number in the message, mention you’re unavailable to answer the phone. Then ask them to leave their name, number and message, and say you will get back to them as soon as possible. Example: "Hi, this is Rachel. I’m unable to take your call now, but please leave your name, number and message after the tone and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.”
Speak clearly, and sound professional and polite when recording your greeting. Avoid background noise, musical or other “cute” messages, religious messages, joke messages, and profanity.
Job Fair Tips
In preparation for job fairs, make note of the following tips :
Come prepared. Bring many copies of your resume to submit to employers. If you spend a little time getting some background on an organization, then you can ask very focused and specific questions. This impresses representatives because it shows a genuine interest in them.
Dress appropriately. First impressions are important. Dress BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL.
Introduce yourself and be prepared to give your "career pitch." Extend your hand, say "hello" and state your name. Have your resume ready to give to the employer. Be ready to talk about your career interests.
Take notes when you inquire about next steps and the possibility of talking with additional managers.
Ask the representative for his/her card. Having the business card of the representative you have just spoken gives you direct contact with the organization, including the proper spelling of the representative's name, direct telephone line, etc.
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