Riordan Clinic

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Riordan Clinic is a progressive, not-for-profit, integrative health clinic that is internationally known for its health education and research initiatives. 

We seek to identify the underlying causes of illness and correct them using a variety of natural, non-toxic modalities. For more than 45 years people have turned to the Riordan Clinic to restore, improve, and maintain health. We continue to specialize in nutritional testing and holistic/naturopathic treatments for sustained illnesses such as cancer, Lyme disease, gut issues, anxiety and depression, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, and more.  

Our list of therapies include:  IV nutrition, high dose intravenous Vitamin C,  ultraviolet blood irradiation, chelation therapy, prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma, infrared breast thermography and many other innovative therapies. 

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