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“Wicked” by definition, means evil or morally wrong. At WickedOSHA, we believe it is morally wrong not to be 100% OSHA compliant 100% of the time. We also understand that this is a daunting, timely, and sometimes confusing task to achieve. That’s precisely what WickedOSHA founder, Brent Colvin, felt. Brent had built a successful roofing company that’s been in operation for over 20 years when he faced a hefty OSHA violation. Like many contractors, Brent was simply implementing safety practices the way he had learned them. He never had a workplace injury and therefore, thought he was doing things the right way. After learning of his violation, he knew there had to be an easier, more efficient way for contracting businesses to become wicked safe and 100% OSHA compliant.

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Brent Colvin
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