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We provide marketing related services. We give the ideas how to design your event and how to produce it for getting the best value in the market. 
 Factory 360 is an experiential marketing agency that makes "awesome" happen. 
 Founded in 2007 with client-side and agency mavericks, Factory 360 is a young team of visual artists, strategic thinkers and brand marketers who believe that an idea is only as dynamic as its execution. We empower your brand by embracing your unique values and harnessing the potential of tomorrow. 
 Through intuitive programming, a national network of brand ambassadors, and campaigns that ignite hearts, minds, and social media engagement, Factory 360 connects real people with compelling brands, and bridges the space between memorable events and long-term brand loyalty so the experience comes full circle. Or, within 360 degrees. 
 We’re experiential marketers. We’re Factory 360.

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