Swimming Lessons Instructor (PRN)

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Under the supervision of the Aquatics/Group Fitness Manager, independently instructs Private Red Cross Swimming Lessons to children and adults in the aquatic center at The Center for Health Improvement.

Position Summary

  • Prepares for class by having proper equipment available and ready.
  • Instructs swimming lessons including Infant and Preschool Aquatics Program (IPAP) and Levels I, II, III and IV to all age levels; makes recommendations to students/parents as appropriate for student to practice skills.
  • Prepares mental or written lesson plans; executes lesson plans as appropriate for physical level of class participants; modifies lesson plans as necessary to avoid injury and meets the needs of each participant; selects appropriate activities for the specific class being taught and be able to modify as necessary; and selects appropriate equipment to achieve goals of daily lesson plans (kick boards, toys and floatation devices); assists with the coordination of class times and contacts student/parent prior to scheduled session time; and assists with program development.
  • Returns all equipment to proper storage area; ensures all equipment is in proper working order; removes any non-functioning equipment and reports appropriately.
  • Verbalizes and writes communication to membership regarding components of swimming lessons; reports any lack of attendance in swimming lessons; clearly and appropriately communicates to members, staff and all internal and external customers; and actively listens and clearly communicates to all members to ensure understanding of expectations; communicates completion of class and appropriately records information in compliance with the American Red Cross guidelines. 

HaysMed is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 
Swimming Lessons Instructor (PRN)
Part Time
Human Resources
Apr 13, 2022
Mar 18, 2024
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