Food Services Assistant

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Position Summary: The service assistant independently performs dietetic duties including but not limited to: sorting, cleaning and sanitizing dishes and food delivery carts, monitors dish machine temperatures, assembles meal trays, cleans and sanitizes work area, and operates and maintains equipment.
  • Greets patient and obtains proper patient identifiers as provided in Room Service Training Manual.
  • Provides excellent customer service to patients and others encountered throughout organization.
  • Notifies nursing staff of patients who have ordered insulin.
  • Compiles and delivers floor stock and patient nourishments.
  • Communicates with host/hostess on cart delivery.
  • Assembles patient meals as per patient order.
  • Sets timers and ensures meal delivery within specified time allotment.
  • Communicates with Call Center Associates, Cooks, and Hostess/Hostess needs for proper meal assembly and delivery.
  • Restocks and cleans area.
  • Properly cleans pots and pans and runs through dish machine.
  • Properly fills/drains dish machine. 
  • Cleans machine properly.
  • Dispose of trash, sweep and mop, clean hand sinks as per task sheet.
  • Clean and sanitize food carts.
  • Puts freight in assigned location in kitchen, completes proper acknowledgment of freight items received.
  • ServSafe certification required or must obtain within the first six months of employment.
  • Additional certification may be required for certain settings or populations.
  • Specific information and the timeframe in which such certification must be attained will be provided by the department director/manager/supervisor at time of hire/transfer into department.
  • High school graduate or equivalence preferred.
  • Prior food service experience preferred.
Infection Control: Initial and Ongoing training in dealing with infection control. Trainings could include but are not limited to, blood borne pathogens, bodily fluids and bio hazardous materials as it applies to your daily work environment.
Patient Interaction: Periodic 
HIPAA: This position will have access to the following Protected Health Information in order to carry out the duties related to their position at Hays Medical Center based on the following criteria:
Primary – required (routine) to do the job;
Secondary – required for the job, but mostly be exception; and
None – no approved access

Description of Information
Patient Demographic Information (information used to identify a person): Name, Date of Birth, Address, Race, Marital Status, Religion

Clinical Information (information that describes a patient’s health status): Diagnosis, Reports/Medical Notes, Test Results, Problem List, Procedures, History and Physical

Coding Information (clinical information that is in (alpha) numeric format): ICD-9 Codes, Rev Codes, CPT Codes

Financial Information/Insurance (information related to insurance, billing and payment): Billing Information, Payer Name, Payer ID, Account Balances, Plan Elements Covered, Payment Information, Payment Rates

HaysMed is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Food Services Assistant
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Apr 10, 2024
Jun 4, 2024
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