Admissions Clerk (Full-time; Evenigns)

Apply for the position, Admissions Clerk (Full-time; Evenigns), with HaysMed today or contact Human Resources for more information. Posted Jun 21, 2022.


Responsible for greeting and registering patients including the handling and processing of insurance and demographic information.  

Position Summary

  • Enters patient demographics and information, insurance and medical reason for visit; verification of insurance; and escorting patient to room.
  • Receives request for accommodation; verifying of availability and booking room; collecting payment; producing patient receipt; and performing cash handling procedures.
  • Confirms infections (MRSA & VRE) and notifies appropriate departments for precautions.
  • Receives and documents payment; produces patient receipt; and performs cash handling procedures.
  • Obtains demographic, financial, pre-certification or authorization information.

HaysMed is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Admissions Clerk (Full-time; Evenigns)
Full Time
Human Resources
Jun 21, 2022
Oct 16, 2023
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