Customer Consultant

Apply for the position, Customer Consultant, with Happys Auto today or contact Jessica Moffitt for more information. Posted Nov 17, 2020.


General Position Purpose 
It is the responsibility of the sales staff to greet and assist customers, and help them find and understand what vehicle would best serve them at that time.  Must be knowledgeable of inventory and friendly to customers.  Must learn quickly and start generating results immediately.  They will deliver high quality customer service and become a consultant to each customer on finding the vehicle that aligns with their needs and budget. 
Essential Functions 
* Greet and assist customers as they shop 
* Learn the customer's needs 
* Assist other team members with transactions when needed 
* Attend training/ sales meetings 
* Form a good rapport to help retain customers 
* Develop an understanding of our current car inventory and use that knowledge to help customers 
* Assist in setting up the sales lot for special promotions or daily upkeep 
* Work with sales manager to set up sales agreements that benefit the company and the customer 
* Effectively close sales and deliver vehicles 
* Establish and maintain a follow up system 
* Organize test drives for customers 
* Assist with transportation of inventory as needed 
Job Requirements/ Skills 
* Ability to explain to customers in easy to understand terms 
* Excellent customer service and negotiation skills 
* Strong sense of professionalism and discretion required 
* A valid driver license 
*Possess good dress sense that portrays neat and smart personality 
* Must have POSITIVE attitude 
Education/ Experience 
* High School Diploma/ GED required 
* Ability to work in a team environment 
Customer Consultant
Full Time
Jessica Moffitt
Nov 17, 2020
Dec 2, 2020
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