Datacenter Systems Engineer

Apply for the position, Datacenter Systems Engineer, with Midwest Energy, Inc. today or contact Lori Linn for more information. Posted May 5, 2022.

 Job Summary (Overall Purpose of the Position)

To provide technical expertise, planning and project management services related to the design, implementation, operation, integrity and improvement of the Corporate datacenter, servers, database systems, and end-user devices to provide secure, reliable and efficient Information Technology services. Work with internal and external departments in the company to ensure the systems maintain data integrity, consistent uptime and adhere to best practice cyber security standards.

Job Duties - Responsibilities – Tasks

Datacenter and IT Systems

  1. Install, deploy, patch, maintain and troubleshoot physical, virtual servers, and the storage area network.
  2. Setup, deploy, support, patch and maintain the corporate database systems, including but not limited to, Microsoft SQL Server, FileMaker, and PostgreSQL database systems.
  3. Install and patch server-based applications, and if required, with the assistance of the Application Support team and/or application vendor.
  4. Monitor uptime and performance of systems utilizing the Corporate monitoring systems.
  5. Ensure system integrity via setup, monitoring, testing, and maintaining backup and recovery procedures.
  6. Maintain and ensure database user and data security.
  7. Investigate new technologies and provide both conceptual and detailed design services and cost estimates related to the continued development and expansion of the Corporate IT systems.
  8. Maintain and execute the disaster recovery procedures for the Corporate Information Systems.
  9. Validate and test the disaster recovery procedures for the Corporate Information Systems on an annual basis coordinated with the Corporate application and database stakeholders.
End-User Hardware

  1. Assist the IT Service Desk Technician in troubleshooting end user hardware, including, desktop, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  2. Act as tier 2 support on difficult or complex issues that have been escalated from the IT Service Desk
  3. Assist the IT Service Desk Technician in the deployment and monitoring of patches for the end user device operating systems, including, Windows desktop and mobile phone devices.
  4. Develop, maintain, and monitor the Mobile Device Management system.
Cyber Security

  1. Ensure server and database systems are deployed with best practice cyber security standards utilizing the Critical Security Controls framework developed by the Center for Internet Security.
  2. Coordinate with IT Security Administrator to develop and implement best practice cyber security standards utilizing the Critical Security Controls framework developed by the Center for Internet Security.
  3. Adhere to and promote best practice cyber security standard work habits.
NERC CIP Compliance

  1. Assist in the development and review/update of internal standards, procedures, and maintenance practices related to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) as required by the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) and the relevant Reliability Entity.  
  2. Coordinate with other departments in the ongoing documentation development. 
  3. Ensure adherence to all applicable NERC CIP Standards.
  4. Manage patches, as per regulation, for in-scope hardware and software. Assess and evaluate potential security patches and address accordingly.
  5. Maintain and manage security system baseline and administer change management process.
  6. Manage and maintain systems to identify and respond to potential malicious code.
  7. Maintain documentation of compliance to provide required evidence in the audit process.


  1. Promote safe working habits and enforce all safety rules and regulations of Midwest Energy, Inc. Lead by example in safety compliance and take corrective action on safety violations, defective equipment, and any other practice that may adversely affect a safe working environment.

Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Database Administration, or related field of study. Alternatively, work experience or a combination of education and work experience will be accepted.
  2. Certification or minimum two years’ experience working with VMware products related to Data Center infrastructure.
  3. Certification or minimum two years’ experience working with Linux Server operating systems.
  4. Certification or minimum two years’ experience working with Windows Server operating systems and Active Directory Services.
  5. Certification or minimum two years’ experience working with database management systems.
  6. Certification or minimum two years’ experience working with backup and recovery systems.

Key Competencies

  1. Strong working knowledge of datacenter operations, Linux and Windows Server operating systems, VMware vCenter, VMware vSphere, and Database Administration.
  2. Demonstrated knowledge of the reliability and cyber security standards of NERC and the CSC 20, or the ability and desire to obtain an expert level of knowledge in these areas.
  3. Proficiency in interpreting compliance regulations and effectively implementing and maintaining processes and procedures to meet audit standards.
  4. Demonstrated skills in effectively dealing with people and getting results, including inter-departmental and cross-functional work processes.
  5. Skilled in organizing, planning, and directing multiple processes and activities.
  6. Ability to prioritize and execute multiple projects simultaneously.
  7. Proficiency in establishing and achieving company goals through procedures and projects to ensure information technology growth and reliability.
  8. Demonstrated ability to provide quality customer service and establish effective working relationships with end-users, consultants, vendors, contractors and other utility companies.
  9. Demonstrated proficiency in verbal and written communication to correspond with end-users, consultants, vendors, contractors, and other utility companies, as well as customers, community members, cross-functional teams, co-workers, and managers.
  10. Demonstrated analytical skills and proper troubleshooting techniques to efficiently resolve issues.
  11. General knowledge and understanding of IT acumen associated to best practice ITIL standards.
  12. Intermediate-level proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite.
  13. Must hold and maintain a valid Kansas Driver’s License.

Posting Close Date:  May 19, 2022 

Datacenter Systems Engineer
Full Time
Lori Linn
May 5, 2022
May 5, 2022
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