Delivery Driver/Warehouse Assistant- Nutrition Services

Apply for the position, Delivery Driver/Warehouse Assistant- Nutrition Services , with USD 489 today or contact Bonnie Abell for more information. Posted Jul 6, 2021.

Qualifications:  Must have a high school diploma or equivalency.  Selected candidate must have a completed certificate of health and satisfactory background check before first day of employment.
Hours:  8 hours per day, 12 months
Starting Salary:  $14.41 + Full Benefits
Beginning date:  August 2021
Closing date for application: Open until filled
Position contact:          Jessica Younker 
                                       [email protected]
                                       323 West 12th St.
                                       Hays, Kansas 67601
                                       (785) 623-2400
1.         High School graduate or equivalent preferred
2.         Experience preferred but not necessary
3.         Good physical condition
4.         Must have valid Kansas driver's license and good driving record
5.         Ability to read and understand labels
6.         Ability to work with minimal supervision
7.         Desire to increase job skills
8.         Neat and clean appearance, good personal hygiene
9.         Dependable, polite, and cooperative
Essential Job Functions:
1.         Helps organize base kitchen storerooms and freezers.  Assists staff in storing delivered items.
2.         Loads and unloads food and equipment.
3.         Operates food delivery truck.
4.         Delivers nonfood items from central storeroom to buildings and other food/nonfood items between buildings.
5.         Delivers meals from base kitchens to satellite kitchens and Westside.
6.         Utilizes the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)   recommendations for food handling.
7.         Hauls equipment to and from central storage and schools.
8.         Keeps accurate record of deliveries and central storeroom inventory to prevent errors. 
9.         Keeps central storeroom neat, orderly, and in good fashion.              
10.      Notifies Director when central storeroom products need to be reordered.
11.      Prepares storeroom, in early June, to receive new nonfood items.
12.      Makes weekly deliveries for summer food service program.
13.      Maintains organization of outside freezer at Rockwell Administration Center.
14.       Rotates items according to FIFO (First In/First Out).
15.       Assists in receiving school deliveries (e.g. milk, produce) on non-school days.
16.      Keeps delivery truck in a clean and orderly condition.
17.      Notifies Director when truck needs repair or servicing.  Works with the Bus Barn to time repairs outside delivery schedules whenever possible.
18.       Performs small equipment repairs.
19.       Assists Maintenance technicians in equipment repairs.
20.       Works with maintenance technicians during summer in addition to nutrition service operations.
Marginal Job Functions: 
1.         Other duties as assigned
Special Physical Requirements:
1.         Requires working in confined spaces
2.         Requires prolonged standing and working on one's feet
3.         Requires moving, lifting, carrying, pulling or pushing heavy objects or materials of up to and not more than 50 lbs.
4.         Requires frequent squatting, kneeling, bending, and reaching
5.         May work in noisy and crowded area
6.         Must be able to tolerate both heat and cold
7.         Must pass physical assessment before being employed by district
8.         Must pass background check before being employed by district
9.         Must provide health certificate as required by district
Delivery Driver/Warehouse Assistant- Nutrition Services
Full Time
Bonnie Abell
Jul 6, 2021
Jul 27, 2021
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