Automotive Service Technician

Apply for the position, Automotive Service Technician, with TJ's Alignment and Repair today or contact Candice Beuttenmuller for more information. Posted Aug 5, 2020.

Desired Result of This Position:
Correctly repairing and maintaining vehicles the first time with integrity and dependability to keep the business profitable. Work as member of the team for the betterment of the business and other employees.

Are you an automotive technician?

Are you tired of the same old story?

Are you tired of being under paid and underappreciated?

Are you tired of not having the right equipment?

Maybe you are tired of the drama and shop politics?

Well here is your chance! We are looking for a technician with strong testing and mechanical skills who is interested in being part of a team! Who is interested in being part of an organization that properly fixes automobiles the first time while striving to help customers. Who wants to be paid fairly and wants to be paid for training. Who wants to be a part of the “Best Darn Shop in Town.”

Listen, we are not your average shop! We bring some serious benefits (no weekends, paid vacation, paid training) to the table but you are going to have to call to find out more. Don't take our word for it, read our reviews! We are different than the other guys!

Now let's be extremely clear here: If you're not constantly striving to be the best...this isn't the place for you! No reason to waste your time or ours! But if you have advanced testing abilities, you are experienced, and you are interested in being part of something really amazing - give me a call and we'll talk. 

Characteristics for Success:
· Dependable means you do what you say you will, when you say you will do it without exterior pressure
· Accuracy means to do the job correctly the 1st time
· Responsible means being able to internally accepting the effects of your decisions
· Respectful of yourself, the shop, the tools, the equipment, the customers, and the customer’s vehicles by taking the utmost care when using tools and equipment or speaking with or around customers
· Honesty means telling the truth always
· Independence means being able to work alone efficiently
· Being a team player by working with co-workers and Management
· Able to speak fluent English
· Excellent verbal & written communication skills

Specific Responsibilities:
· Ability to read schematics & diagnosis repairs needed on vehicles
· Able to operate all company equipment needed to perform required vehicle repairs
· Able to bill 8 - 10 hours per day consistently
· Perform work assignments in accordance with time schedules as assigned by the Service Advisor
· Request work assignments if out of work or temporarily unable to complete job
· Provide complete, accurate, & neatly written descriptions of diagnosis, repair, & maintenance performed for every vehicle
· Perform a Vehicle Evaluation on every vehicle you are assigned to work on
· Perform all maintenance & repairs with speed and thoroughness on every vehicle
· Road test all vehicles to verify repaired correctly the first time, maintaining a low rate of comebacks
· Take all possible precautions to insure the safety and health of you and others
· Report tools, equipment, and/or facilities in need of repair and/or any problem areas to Management
· Notify Service Advisor if parts need to be ordered or delays are expected
· Maintain a good working relationship with all other personnel
· Maintain a valid Kansas state Driver’s license
· Able to lift 60 lbs 
Automotive Service Technician
Full Time
Candice Beuttenmuller
Aug 5, 2020
Sep 4, 2020
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