#1097 Assistant Cook

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  Job Title:    Nutrition Services – Assistant Cook
Number of Work Hours:  2 – 6.5 Hours per day
Job Definition:
General Duties

1. Assist in food preparation, serving & clean up. Assist in preparation of lunch (Usually items such as potato products, salad, vegetables, fruits, etc.)
2. Help set up the choice line.
3. During serving time, help serve, act as runner, or have duties in dishwashing area, including pot and pan washing, and dish machine duties.
4. Help with general put away of food and general cleaning of kitchen.
1. Must be able to read and write English.
2. Must be able to do simple arithmetic.
3. Must be able to follow oral and written direction.
4.  Must have the capacity to grasp and adjust to new and changing situations.
5. Manual dexterity and ability to work under pressure are desirable.
6. Ability to lift objects of 25 pounds.
7.  Must be neat in appearance, clean, have good personal hygiene habits.
8. Must wear appropriate clothing, hairnet and comfortable appropriate shoes
9.  A health certificate is required stating healthy status and TB test or chest x-ray.
Tools and Equipment 1
1. Dish machine
2. Portion control equipment
3. Holding equipment, stove, oven, steamer
4. Choice bar
5. Refrigeration equipment.
6. Slicer
Working Conditions 1
1. Number of hours and days are specified in work agreement.  Monday through Friday; except for school holidays.  Exceptions are stated in school calendar.
2. Nine month per year.
3. Kitchen is well lighted, ventilated and comfortable (although it may be hot in late August and late May).
4. Much standing on feet required and some lifting.
1. Responsible to Base/Satellite Manager.
Personal Requirements
1. High School Diploma or GED preferred.
2. References required.
Term of Employment
1. At Will
1. Performance effectiveness evaluated in accordance with USD #489 Board of Education Policy

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#1097 Assistant Cook
Part Time
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Jan 22, 2024
Jun 11, 2024
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