Purchasing Manager

Apply for the position, Purchasing Manager, with Midwest Energy, Inc. today or contact Lori Linn for more information. Posted Jul 20, 2021.

Job Summary

The Purchasing Manager position is responsible for oversight and direction of purchasing materials and supplies for the Company in a manner which assures the best quality at the most competitive prices while meeting system specifications and delivery schedules.   The Purchasing Manager is also responsible for establishing and administering effective company purchasing policies and procedures.   The Purchasing Manager exercises inventory control to assure accurate accounting for materials, supplies and to maintain optimum inventory levels to meet system needs efficiently.  The Purchasing Manager purchases general plant and special equipment and monitor budget compliance.  The Purchasing Manager provides emergency management support to operations.  The Purchasing Manager manages buildings and grounds maintenance and repair.

Education and Experience
  1. A Bachelor’s Degree is required in Supply Chain, Business, Finance, Accounting or related field
  2. Professional purchasing manager certification is required. If the incoming candidate does not currently hold the certification, he/she is required to obtain the certification within 2 years of starting in the position.
  3. A minimum of five years experience in purchasing or related industry required.  Experience should include all aspects of materials management including purchasing and inventory control.
  4. Demonstrated management, supervisory experience is required. This may include management/supervision of staff and/or department.
  5. Demonstrated proficiency in an automated inventory software system.

Key Competencies
  1. Demonstrated ability to lead and manage purchasing department and inventory control.
  2. Demonstrated leadership and management skills to effectively supervise  staff for job performance, teamwork, and to  achieve shared goals of department and company.
  3. Demonstrated ability to lead and manage in a cross-functional environment.
  4. Demonstrated proficiency in verbal and written communication to present information and lead initiatives.
  5. Demonstrated effective interpersonal communication and relationships with leadership, direct reports, other departments, vendors, and other utilities and industry-related communities.
  6. Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office software programs.
  7. Promote safe working habits and enforce all safety rules and regulations of Midwest Energy, Inc. Lead by example in safety compliance and take corrective action on safety violations, defective equipment, and any other practice that may adversely affect a safe working environment.
  8. Demonstrated ability to manage inventory levels, inventory budget, and understanding of return on investment.
  9. Must hold and maintain a valid Kansas Driver’s License.

Posting Closing Date:  August 9, 2021 

Purchasing Manager
Full Time
Lori Linn
Jul 20, 2021
Jul 20, 2021
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