Field Operations Assistant

Apply for the position, Field Operations Assistant, with Midwest Energy, Inc. today or contact Lori Linn for more information. Posted Nov 14, 2022.

Job Summary (Overall Purpose of the Position)

The purpose of the Field Operations Assistant is to provide support for electric and gas operations and to provide prompt, courteous and accurate customer service by responding to customer inquiries and updating customer records.

Job Duties - Responsibilities – Tasks

Recording Transaction

  1. Processes electric and/or gas service orders.
  2. Receives, records and processes completed work orders.
  3. Receives, records and processes engineering work orders for distribution to the area Electric Operations Manager, Gas Operations Supervisor, Field Service Representatives, and Metering Technician.
  4. Updates employee schedule (time off, training, etc.) weekly and notifies appropriate personnel.
  5. Updates on-call list weekly and sends to System Control and Managers.
  6. Monitors Outage Management System (OMS), dispatches, and completes trouble calls.  Includes emergency and storm response situations that may require work outside normal working hours.  Supports all areas as needed. Must be able to perform under pressure.
Customer Service

  1. Receives trouble calls and initiates the appropriate paperwork and/or dispatches the information to the appropriate serviceman and/or crews.
  2. Assists customers, contractors, salesmen, etc. by phone or walk-ins and directs them to the appropriate person for further assistance.
  3. Requests line locates from Kansas One Call for construction activities. 
  4. Processes, distributes, and audits all locate requests sent from Kansas One Call including distributing received line locate requests via email to the appropriate personnel via Service Order Scheduler (SOS). Completes daily audit for KCC requirements.
  5. Monitors and dispatches routine radio communications for field personnel and responds to requests for information and customer notifications.
  6. Assists in the process of notifying customers of planned outages via IVR process or direct phone calls.
  7. Establishes appointments and provides customer information as requested by service personnel.

  1. Promotes safe working habits and follows all safety rules and regulations of Midwest Energy, Inc. Leads by example in safety compliance and take corrective action on safety violations, defective equipment, and any other practice that may adversely affect a safe working environment.
  2. Qualifies himself/herself in first aid and CPR.
  3. Operates vehicles and/or equipment in a safe manner and within the regulations of all Federal, State and local laws.
  4. Advises supervisor of accidents.
  5. Assists with Safety Meeting scheduling notification and takes minutes.

  1. Performs a variety of clerical and administrative duties including, but not limited to: preparing forms, schedules, routing mail, sending and receiving electronic communication, contracts and performs other various report preparations.
  2. Establishes and maintains required files and records for operations.
  3. Reviews work hours, overtime hours, vacation and sick time submitted on electronic time sheets.
  4. Provides assistance to operations personnel in the operation of office machines (copier, computer, etc.) and computer programs.
  5. Order office supplies as needed.
  6. Answer the telephone and direct calls to the appropriate personnel as necessary and takes messages for service personnel.
  7. Keep informed regarding new developments, trends, and best practices in relevant field. Recommend changes, initiatives, etc. to management for effective processes and procedures within the company.
  8. Keep apprised of changes and developments in pertinent local, State and Federal laws, ordinances and rules, and take appropriate action to stay in compliance with said rules, regulations, etc.
  9. Develop and maintain internal and external working relationships for maximum effectiveness in serving Midwest Energy customers and communities. Ensure communication and exchange of information so as to present a positive corporate image, both internally and externally. Keep management informed of issues that might impact the work environment.
  10. Performs other duties as directed.
Education and Experience

  1. High school graduate or equivalent is required.
  2. Two years of post-secondary education in business or equivalent preferred.
  3. Two years of experience in customer relations and general office operations is required.
  4. Dispatching experience is preferred.
  5. Must have a basic knowledge of general office procedures, record keeping and the use of office equipment.
Key Competencies

  1. Should have considerable skill in effectively dealing with a variety of people under difficult circumstances. 
  2. Must be able to handle a variety of diverse activities with attention to detail and accuracy. 
  3. Ability to organize work to meet deadlines.
  4. Must have the ability to work independently with a minimum amount of supervision.
  5. Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing.
  6. Must have telephone, radio, and email etiquette skills.
  7. Must be proficient in operating devices such as copier, computer, and fax.
  8. Must become proficient in utilizing OMS and attend training on the system as needed.
  9. Must have ability to learn various computer applications.
  10. Must possess strong personal computer skills in word processing, spreadsheets, and database applications.
Posting Close Date:  November 22, 2022

Equal Opportunity Employer 

Field Operations Assistant
Full Time
Lori Linn
Nov 14, 2022
Nov 14, 2022
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