#276 Substitute NURSE

Apply for the position, #276 Substitute NURSE, with USD 489 today or contact Employee Services for more information. Posted Jan 19, 2024.

#276 Substitute School Nurse requires a valid BSN license. 

School nurses strengthen and facilitate learning for children by improving and protecting their health status through the identification and elimination or modification of health-related barriers to the educational process.
The functions of the school nurse in USD 489 include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Implementation of the health policies established by the USD 489 Board of  
    Education and the State of Kansas.
  2. Promoting a safe environment for the protection of students and staff.
  3. Ability to greet students and public in a helpful, positive, and patient manner.
  4. Must be able to appreciate working with children of all ages and their parents.
  5. Comfortable with emergency situations and health issues such as vomiting, seizures, bleeding, injuries, asthma, or diabetic emergencies.
  6. Computer literate and willingness to learn new programs.
  7. Self-confidence, maturity, and the ability to remain calm in an emergency situation.
  8. Organized, self-directed, cooperative, and able to multi-task putting students’ needs first.
  9. A positive role model for students.
  10. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
    Qualifications for a school nurse in USD 489 are:
  11. A Registered Nurse in Kansas.
  12. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.
  13. A minimum of one year’s nursing experience
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#276 Substitute NURSE
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