#278 Substitute Bus Driver

Apply for the position, #278 Substitute Bus Driver, with USD 489 today or contact Geri French for more information. Posted Mar 3, 2021.

Qualifications:          Must be at least 21 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalency.  Must have or be willing to obtain CDL license.

Hours:                        varies

Starting salary:         $15.83 per hour

Closing date for application:
            Open until filled

To Make Application, apply online at:

Position contact:                                Russ Henningsen,
                                                         [email protected]
                                                         (785) 623-2560

Purpose:  To provide clean, safe, and reliable transportation to ensure students enjoy the full advantage of district programs and activities.  To accomplish these tasks the bus driver must work closely with the staff and administration of the district.

 Responsible to: 
Director of Transportation

1.      Must be at least 21 years of age.
2.      Must have high school diploma or equivalency.
3.      Must have or be willing to obtain a valid CDL license with required endorsements.
4.      Must meet all state requirements for bus drivers, including defensive driving, CPR, and first aid certification.
5.      Must have at least one year experience in driving some type of motor vehicle (which may be a private automobile), including experience throughout each of the four seasons.
6.      Must successfully complete behind-the-wheel training.
7.      Must maintain comprehensive knowledge of traffic laws and school bus regulations, safe driving skills, knowledge of street, road and highway information, and other information.
8.      Must have self-confidence and maturity.
9.      Must have an interest and empathy for children.
10.   Must have the ability to communicate and work effectively and cooperatively with both children and adults.

Essential Job Functions:
1.      Operate a school district vehicle transporting students, staff, and/or parents.
2.      Inspect the vehicle and report any defects so repairs can be made.  Clean windows and lights prior to use and clean inside of vehicle after use.
3.      Report to the director events that may affect or disrupt the operation of the district, transportation department, or other district departments or schools.
4.      Maintain order and discipline on school vehicles.  Report and correct unacceptable rider behavior.
5.      Maintain current route and route rider lists.
6.      Attend safety meetings, training sessions, other meetings, and maintain required certificates and licenses.
7.      Exercise prudent care in the handling and operation of district vehicles and be conscientious in the use of expendable resources.
8.      Document daily reports of time, event, vehicle and other information and submit completed report in a timely manner.
9.      Establish and maintain good rapport with director, fellow employees, students, administrators, and members of the community.
10.   Adhere to applicable state law, Kansas administrative regulations, district policies, and department guidelines in the performance of duties.
11.   Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the director.

Marginal Job Functions:
1.      Clean and maintain Transportation Service Center buildings and grounds.
2.      Perform limited maintenance on district vehicles.
3.      Relay mail and materials in district vehicles within the district.

Special Physical Requirements:
1.      Requires prolonged sitting.
2.      Requires turning and reaching.
3.      Requires ability to operate vehicle at night.
4.      Must be able to walk up stairs while carrying up to twenty pounds of weight.
5.      Must be able to lift the equivalent of a fifty-pound child into a district passenger vehicle.
6.      Must be able to enter a school bus from both the service and floor level emergency door and walk through to the opposite door and exit.
7.      Perform job functions out of doors where the driver’s environment mirrors the weather conditions.
8.      Must be able to work in and around dust, fumes, and odors.
9.      Perform job duties while simultaneously hearing voice conversations, two-way radio, vehicle operation, various mechanical shop noises, and/or telephone calls.
10.   Maintain required driver’s physical examinations.

1.      The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance abuse in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the district.
2.      The employee will be subjected to random drug testing as required by law.
3.      The employee shall serve as a role model for students in how to conduct themselves as citizens and as responsible, intelligent human beings.

Term of Employment:
1.      At will.
2.      Regular attendance is required of all employees subject to allowed leave in accordance with district policy.
3.      Selected candidate must pass background check.
4.      Selected candidate must provide health and inoculation certificate.

1.      Performance effectiveness evaluated in accordance with provisions of Kansas Statutes and USD 489 Board of Education policy.
2.      Evaluation will be the responsibility of the supervisor. 

#278 Substitute Bus Driver
Part Time
Geri French
Mar 3, 2021
Feb 20, 2024
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