Hays High School Principal

Apply for the position, Hays High School Principal, with USD 489 today or contact Ashley Minear for more information. Posted Feb 22, 2021.

To Make Application, Apply online:

All applicants must have or be able to obtain a Kansas teaching certificate/license with a Building Leadership/Building Administrator endorsement.  For more information regarding this position, please contact Ron Wilson, Superintendent, [email protected] (785) 623-2400.

Title:             Building Principal / Instructional Leader

Reports to:  Superintendent

Supervises: All building certified teaching staff and staff as assigned

Purpose and Objectives of the Position: Utilize leadership, supervisory and administrative skills to promote the educational development of the individual student and, through that development, student achievement that ensures school accreditation. 

Essential Job Functions:

I. Oversees safe and orderly schools.
¨      Implements effective procedures for ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment.
¨      Takes appropriate action when students exhibit emotionally/physically distressed behaviors.
¨      Complies with, or monitors compliance with, all state and federal laws.
¨      Implements board policies, rules and regulations.

II. Ensures student achievement for all student groups.
¨      Collects and reports data on academic achievement by all student groups.
¨      Monitors assessment of all students in basic skills areas.
¨      Evaluates effectiveness of teaching materials, activities and approaches, and
provides assistance when necessary.

III. Builds positive school/community relations.
¨      Supports the school and district mission.
¨      Promotes positive relationships between all persons in the school community.
¨      Facilitates effective site councils.

IV. Leads the school in developing constructive student/adult relations.      
¨      Helps students develop responsibility for their conduct.
¨      Cultivates staff behaviors that promote respect of authority, tolerance of diversity, and appreciation of each student’s potential.

V. Oversees effective and efficient staff performance.
¨      Works with staff to develop and recommend standards for student learning.
¨      Plans inservice activities based on student and staff needs and ensures they are effectively implemented.
¨      Recruits, supervises and evaluates instructional staff in accordance with policy and law.
¨      Interacts effectively with building/district personnel.

VI. Practices responsible fiscal, facility, and resource management.
¨      Organizes effective budget planning procedures.
¨      Ensures building expenditures do not exceed the limits set forth by the board-approved budget.
¨      Maintains building records and property.

VII. Models positive professional attributes.
¨      Engages professional growth activities as directed.
¨      Uses written and spoken language well.
¨      Makes all necessary administrative decisions in a timely fashion.
¨      Delegates supervision when appropriate.
¨      Maintains office hours as determined by the superintendent.

Secondary Responsibilities:
¨      Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor and in accordance with the provisions of the USD 489 Board of Education.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
¨      A valid building-level license issued by the Kansas State Board of Education.
¨      Ability to work cooperatively and constructively with others, including the ability to communicate effectively with broad and diverse audiences.
¨      Ability to handle a fast-paced, intense work environment.
¨      Ability to manage job responsibilities and meet the established building outcomes. 
¨      Ability/willingness to work a daily schedule that could demand an extended workday.
¨      (Other alternatives as set by the Board of Education.) 

Hays High School Principal
Full Time
Ashley Minear
Feb 22, 2021
Feb 26, 2021
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