Group Fitness Instructor - CHI (PRN; Variable)

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Under the supervision of the Aquatics/Group Fitness Manager, independently leads group fitness classes at The Center for Health Improvement; maintains, reviews, interprets, and incorporates member exercise program and plan of goals through observation and participation; designs, implements and maintains a variety of member programs.

Position Summary

  • Prepares for class by having proper equipment available and sound system ready.
  • Performs warm-up, cool down and appropriate body class format.
  • Monitors participants use of equipment and/or body mechanics to ensure safety at all times.
  • Ensures that participants are aware of training zones as well as utilizing the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale when appropriate; and proficient with physical and verbal cues to insure class participation and enjoyment.
  • Assists with program development.
  • Prepares mental or written choreography or appropriate class type lesson plans.
  • Executes lesson plans as appropriate for physical level of class participants.
  • Modifies lesson plans as necessary to avoid injury and meets the needs of each participant.
  • Selects appropriate choreography for the specific class being taught and be able to modify as necessary; and selects appropriate equipment to achieve goals of daily lesson plans (steps, weights).
  • Returns all equipment to proper storage area; ensures all equipment is in proper working order; removes any non-functioning equipment and reports appropriately.
HaysMed is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Group Fitness Instructor - CHI (PRN; Variable)
Full Time
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Jan 26, 2022
Sep 23, 2022
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