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Apply for the position, AmeriCorps VISTA, with Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas, Inc. today or contact Murrae Rebarchek for more information. Posted Mar 8, 2021.

The AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer program has multiple positions open! For more information visit:

VISTA Program:

Food Bank Nutrition VISTA - Increase efficiency of the food bank and support program by recruiting volunteers to ensure participants we serve receive food products and utilize the food products in an efficient manner and increase utilization of nutritional options based on donations received. The VISTA will help expand and strengthen partnership/networks with other food pantries, extension offices, county health officials and develop cookbooks that are shared with staff. The VISTA Volunteer would need to have an interest in healthy eating, knowledge of cooking skills, organizational skills and good communication skills.

Grant Search, Grant Writing, and Social Media VISTA - Develop processes and use social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to raise funds for a regional charity serving persons with developmental disabilities through grant searching, analyzing, and writing grant applications.

Marketing and Events VISTA - The goal is to ensure that persons with differing abilities, that qualify for the Medicaid income threshold, continue to have a life of dignity & satisfaction their communities. DSNWK is a provider for individuals that qualify for I/DD waiver services. The goal of this project is to increase more relationships within the community and support development activities to spread awareness of services.

 DSNWK Assessor of Setting Safety, Compliance & Planning -
Create floor plans for each DSNWK service setting with various overlays. Template of floor plans with room numbers and sizes. Adding evacuation routes for each individual served and sharing those with the Manager or Coordinator to post at each site. Research and label location of shut off valves for water, electrical breaker boxes, knox box, and other items on the floor plans and at the sites. Add location of security cameras, data ports, etc. Create a quick reference sheet to identify critical information for the service setting.Provide copies of the updated floor plans to the local Emergency Management Office(s) and DSNWK safety manual. Create an electronic file (a google drive) or book with service setting pictures (internal and external).

Early Childhood Education & Activities VISTA Member - Review and revise existing intergenerational child care procedures that have occured and target areas that need expanded upon. Research other intergenerational child care facilities to see what is working in these areas. Create a spreadsheet to document other agencies and what is done within their walls. Researching staffing and recruitment. Researching hours that increased staffing is needed to meet needs of the children and seniors within the facility. Development of activities for staffing to use for during intergenerational activity period. Training for seniors when interacting with children in the day care setting as well as for children. Support efforts of the Area Agency on Aging to identify and compile listings of services for senior citizens. Creating a list of other resources within the community that is available such as food banks, meals, care services. 
Call Sara at 785-625-5678 to learn more about VISTA opportunities! 
Full Time Members (1 Year Term) Benefits:
  • Child Care assistance, if eligible -
  • A full-time AmeriCorps VISTA member can choose to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, worth approximately $6,000 (voucher), or an end-of-service cash stipend, with approximately $1,800, at the end of their service term. The amount of a full-time Education Award increases every year based on the Pell Grant.
  • Education award upon successful completion of service.  The award is in the form of a voucher and can be used for future educational training and related expenses at Title IV schools, and/or to repay existing eligible federal student loans.  Be sure to visit the EdAward site to learn which student loans are qualified and which are not.
  • Health coverage -
  • Living allowance ($36.71/day)
  • Relocation allowance (Relocation Travel Allowance: This allowance is based on the direct mileage between your home address and your VISTA service site. The allowance is calculated at $0.40 per mile and is paid eight to ten weeks after you submit a relocation voucher. This is based on the address you are located when you apply for the position.)
  • Training (training available through the VISTA portal or by the agency that the member is at)
  • Personal Leave: 10 days (vacation, personal days, religious observances)
  • Medical: 10 days (illness, injury, medical appointments)
  • Parental: for birth or adoption, use personal and medial first. Might be approved for an additional 10 days for a total of 30 days, if required by a medical professional.
  • Emergency: Up to 5 additional leave days may be granted if a natural disaster requires leaving the site or an immediate family member becomes critically ill or dies. Sponsors must approve and notify the state office.
  • Military: As required by Military
AmeriCorps VISTA
Full Time
Murrae Rebarchek
Mar 8, 2021
Jan 23, 2023
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